Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate – Magento search reviews

In this article, we review an excellent Magneto Extension called Sphinx Search Ultimate from Mirasvit.  This module basically unites 3 modules, Search Spell-Correction, Search AutoComplete & Suggestions and Advanced Sphinx Search Pro into a single operating mechanism. The built-in search in Magento community version can be a pain for some users as it won’t give […]


Ways To Redirect URLs to Another web page

Different ways to redirect one page to another, this tutorial describes that. You can use different programming/scripting languages to achieve this. We can use server side programming language or client side scripting language like HTML, Javascript. Redirect using PHP   Redirect using HTML meta tag Redirect using Javascript timeout function


How To Change DNS Servers in Windows 8

When you change DNS servers on your computer, you actually changes the server helps to translate the IP to hostname.  You may know that all websites will  have a IP address and a hostname. Since this DNS servers may cause issues and it leads to your internet connection problem. In Windows 8,  it automatically fetch […]

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