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Native HTML5 Radio Player

Native HTML5 Radio Player is a browser-based standalone HTML5 MP3 Radio FM Stream Plugin Player, playing all MPEG-Audio streams. It is written in Javascript. And compatible with browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, and opera. It is based on the following technologies PHP, Javascript, Flash, XML  


PHP simple captcha script

First of all, captcha is for spam prevention. When there is a form in your website that site visitors allowed to give their inputs, you could be very careful. There is a robot might pretend to be a human and feed the details. People will post bulk data to your site, leads to your site […]


Disable text selection of a web page using CSS or jQuery

It will be helpful if you can prevent someone copying the content from the web page for security reasons. Now in this article we will show you how to disable content selection on web page using jQuery/CSS. Disable content selection using CSS

Disable content selection using jQuery You can use jQuery UI method for […]


Free online tools to check website performance and speed

Website performance and speed become a critical factor for websites. Google’s new algorithm gives more importance for the website’s speed. So website speed affects your websites’ search engine ranking. If your website takes too much time to load, you might lose your visitors, so the revenue. In that case, you have to optimize your website for […]


How to capture screenshot of website from URL in PHP

You may have a requirement to show the website’ screenshot in certain pages. You can use some third-party paid services for that. But here we are demonstrating a free service, that too from Google. You can write your own script to get the screenshot from URL. Basically, Google PageSpeed Insights API is used to analyze […]


How to activate YouTube’s hidden Dark Mode

When you watch your favorite videos on YouTube, why you want  to tire your eyes. Turn the lights off, go to the YouTube dark mode by hacking YouTube. Kidding, you don’t want to hack YouTube to do this. Follow the instructions below to use  dark mode in YouTube You should have the most recent Google […]


The Top Social Networking Sites 2017

This is the era of Social Networking websites, as studies revealed 80% people in World using at least one social networking site. These sites changed the meaning of being social, and it’s been through online. It is better to educate your younger ones to use these facilities with most care. The social media sites are changing […]


CodeIgniter – Basic Concepts

Codeigniter is a small footprint MVC framework that helps programmers to create robust web applications. It is considered as one of the smallest frameworks when coming to the size and learning curve. What are the basic concepts in codeigniter ? Controllers Controllers are the entry point in any web application. So controller does same duty […]

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