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Find Alexa Rank Of a Website Using PHP

Alexa rank is a online analytics service that continuously analyzing a website and gives your statistics. In this tutorial we are showing how to find Alexa rank of a given URL in PHP. This will help you to create a widget in your website to find the Alexa rank of a particular website. First of […]


Create RSS feed for a website in PHP

Short for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, it’s the way to communicate to your website. If you like a website that producing good content, you need to check the website every day to read latest updates. That’s where RSS comes to help . If they have RSS feeds in their website you can […]


Magento 1.9 – Get Customer Details By Email Id

We have gotten email id, but we need to get the details of a customer using the email id. Here is the solution to get the customer data using the email id



LG U+ First Drone Phone from LG

LG company announced first drone phone to release soon. It’s an interesting phone that capable of fly while you make a call, watch a video. Basically a head set will make your phone hand free, in this a drone mode will make your phone hands free. It is capable of rotate 360 degree angle.   […]


How to set and get config values in Laravel 5

Configuration files make it easy to access the config options across the application. In Laravel there is no exception.  It is very clean approach keeping the all config items in one place. Create a Config file To create a custom config file in Laravel, go to config directory and create a php file.  In my […]


Best Responsive themes for Magento for Online shops 2017

Magento, the most popular e-commerce platform powering a number of eCommerce websites in the internet world. Why people choose Magento for their eCommerce website It’s free Massive features focused on eCommerce operations Huge community supporting Magento with numerous extensions Latest security updates for your website It is a must that your website should work any […]


Using Third-Party Libraries in Codeigniter

This tutorial demonstrates, how to use third party libraries in Codeigniter. While developing web applications we will be dealing third party libraries. We cannot expect  all of your favorite libraries are loaded in package manager, so only way to do it is directly including in the program. In Codeigniter we have segmented folder called third_party in […]

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