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Embed Player : jQuery Audio Video players

Unified jQuery interface to various audio/video players without dependency on their official JavaScript libraries. Currently supported players: YouTube Vimeo Twitch SoundCloud Dailymotion HMTL 5 audio/video Internet Explorer <=8 is not supported. Why you need a unified player, because you can have all these services in one player.


How To Change DNS Servers in Windows 8

When you change DNS servers on your computer, you actually changes the server helps to translate the IP to hostname.  You may know that all websites will  have a IP address and a hostname. Since this DNS servers may cause issues and it leads to your internet connection problem. In Windows 8,  it automatically fetch […]


How To Install A Blogger Template

Google Blogger platform is well known for its free hosting and excellent service. But one must say templating is the difficult part in  Google Blogspot. You can either use built-in themes in the Blogspot or import templates from third party websites. It is a no brainer to install a blogger template from a third party source. […]


Simple PHP Shopping Cart

In this tutorial, we are demonstrating how to make simple PHP shopping cart tutorial step by step. This shopping cart application wrote as very minimal and simple for learning purpose. One can take this as an easy shopping cart for any website, but this is purely an idea to create a shopping cart website. Do not […]