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How To Install A Blogger Template

Google Blogger platform is well known for its free hosting and excellent service. But one must say templating is the difficult part in  Google Blogspot. You can either use built-in themes in the Blogspot or import templates from third party websites. It is a no brainer to install a blogger template from a third party source. […]


Simple PHP Shopping Cart

In this tutorial, we are demonstrating how to make simple PHP shopping cart tutorial step by step. This shopping cart application wrote as very minimal and simple for learning purpose. Do not use this directly in the production system without making necessary security approaches. This example has a certain number of products, displaying from the database. […]


How to Post on Reddit

Reddit is a major community driven website. Registered users can post links or text and other users allowed to vote on the submissions. The posts position on the front page determined by votes. How to Post on Reddit Follow the below steps to post a link or text post in Reddit. Step #1 See the below picture, this […]