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Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate – Magento search reviews

In this article, we review an excellent Magneto Extension called Sphinx Search Ultimate from Mirasvit.  This module basically unites 3 modules, Search Spell-Correction, Search AutoComplete & Suggestions and Advanced Sphinx Search Pro into a single operating mechanism. The built-in search in Magento community version can be a pain for some users as it won’t give […]


Get URL Paths in Magento for CMS Blocks and Pages

Magento has the CMS pages option to handle the static pages for your website. You can use the following code  to get URL Paths in Magento for CMS Blocks and Pages To get SKIN URL -> {{skin url=’images/image.jpg’}} To get Media URL -> {{media url=’images/image.jpg’}} To get Base URL -> {{base url=’store/contact’}} To get Store […]


Change of Magento contacts page URL

Magento’s default contact us form page URL is a little bit awkward as its says We can change this easily by creating a small module. Step 1 Create a file in app/etc/modules/Namespace_Contacts.xml   Step 2 Create the config file in app/code/local/Namespace/Contacts/etc/config.xml That’s it upload the files and clear the cache. Yea the default Magento […]


Direct SQL queries in Magento

This tutorial mainly demonstrates direct SQL queries in Magento.  Magento data models are giving great flexibility for the data processing. We don’t need to touch the complex SQL statements because of this feature. This often gives really quick development speed and accuracy more over a bulletproof approach. But several situations it much needed to execute […]