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Guide You Need To Setup BlogSpot Custom Domain

Most of the people will start with their blog/website with free BlogSpot. Also, you get unlimited storage and bandwidth for your website. Technically storage is not completely unlimited, but we have other options to play with to overcome this storage. And Blogspot will have the domain like yourblog.blogspot.com. So why we need to have a […]


Top Magento Hosting Providers

Building a Magento website is easy when comparing to figure out a good Magento hosting solution for the website. There are plenty of Magento hosting recommendations in the internet, but most of them are really confusing and sometimes misleading. Usually Magento developer companies suggest for the server, depending on the load and features of┬áthe website. […]


WordPress Hosting

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting? Webhosting is the key component of every successfull website. Choosing the best webhost will improve not only the traffic but also the SEO rankings. Up time of your web host really matters in this case. There are different types of the hosting such as free, shared, vps, dedicated […]


How to choose web hosting

Selecting your target hosting type First selecting your target hosting type. In fact there are 3 hosting types, 1)shared hosting 2) VPS hosting 3) Dedicated hosting . I would suggest select shared hosting if your daily traffic below 3000 visits. If your daily limits exceeds this better consider any of the options 2 or 3. […]